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kicharee Recipes and Food



Taste and the Elements

As anyone who has ever consumed a hot curry soup knows, such meals can really stimulate the sinuses to drain. In fact, such draining, called errhine therapy, is a recognized Ayurvedic mode of treatment for phlegmatic conditions. Foods and spices, along with special culinary and medicinal herbs, can be used to help balance the elements. Photo by Gabriel HowearthSuch therapies can be effectively used in conjunction with astrology (or independently thereof) if the consultant is qualified. Since this is one of those therapies that interfaces readily with astrology and since my own Jupiter in Cancer predisposes me to a love of cooking and this particular form of chemistry, a special section is being added to this site to enable visitors to understand the energetics of eating.


Based on the Ayurvedic tenet that taste is a clue to the pharmacology of food, Ingrid relates the six tastes: sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, salty, and astringent to the elements and constitutional balance. The system is so logical and clearly presented that anyone hearing these tapes can immediately begin applying the ideas so as to enhance physical harmony. The relationship of physical and psychological health is also developed to a considerable extent.





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