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Endurance Formula
Wu Zi Wan [variation]

2 lbs. Cornus berries Dogwood (Japanese cornelian cherry)
2 lbs. Dioscorea Chinese yam
2 lbs. Alisma plantago-aquatica Water plantain tubers
7½ oz. Cooked rehmannia Scrophularia
7½ oz. Lycium berries Chinese wolfberries, goji berries, or equivalent
4½ oz. Fructus rubi Raspberries
4 oz. Orange peel  
3½ oz. Semen plantago-aquatica Water plantain seeds
3½ oz.  Schizandra berries Magnolia vine berries
3½ oz. Semen cuscutae Dodder seeds (bride's laces)
2 oz.  Glycyrrhiza glabra Licorice
  Honey to taste  
  Water as needed  


Soak schizandra berries overnight. Grind each herb separately until quite fine. Heat a few cups of purified water in stainless steel pot. Add herbs gradually, stir constantly. Cook for about three hours over a very low flame. Add a little honey towards the end (avoid heating the honey) Diabetics can substitute stevia for honey, but dioscorea helps with blood sugar so that most diabetics will not have to worry about the honey.

This makes into a thick jam that can be eaten straight from the bottle or used on muffins or bread. It is an adrenal tonic that gently and gradually supports energy and stamina. It strengthens the kidneys, improves sexual performance and continence, restores luster to the skin. Use half to a full teaspoon, two to three times a day.


See also article on Adrenal Exhaustion and audio cassette set.



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