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I have had a jet lag protocol for many years that involves a simple meditation and some herbs.

Jet Lag

  • Talk to your subconscious and explain that you are planning to change time zones and would like its cooperation in modifying the circadian rhythm. Be polite and sympathetic with your inner child because this part of everyone is vulnerable!
  • Take trace minerals and or kelp to help with the radiation toxicity. Radiation exposure for one flight in the ozone, 35,000 in the air, is equivalent to about five chest x-rays.
  • Take an adrenal tonic for the fatigue. Any adaptogen that supports stamina is helpful for this.
  • Take the new Happy Wanderer herbal blend to help with the exposure to fumes and stress.
  • Juice some ginger (or buy some ginger bitters) and put it in a little flask. Pour this in the ubiquitous orange juice that is served on board flights.
  • If you are ambitious, boil the ginger pulp and refrigerate. When you get home again, strain this and pour it in your bath water.
  • For your stay in a hotel or other place away from home, put half a cup of sea salt and half a cup of baking soda in the bath water and soak for twenty minutes to draw the radiation out of your body.
  • Be very careful of thrombosis, a condition that can be fatal. Sitting still for a long time in a pressured plane and failing to drink enough fluid can increase the risk of these potentially fatal blood clots. Wear loose fitting clothing and try to move about as much as possible.

Warning: Try not to put your dietary supplements through the x-ray equipment at the airport. Take what you need on board in your coat pockets or ask the security folks to hand check them.

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