Essays by Ingrid Naiman


Alzheimer's Disease: aluminum, the neurotoxin

Black Cumin, a ancient panacea with modern scientific support

Black Walnut, anthelmintic, especially for tapeworms

Capsules, vegetarian gelcaps for those concerned about Mad Cow Disease

Cilantro, for oral chelation of mercury, aluminum, and lead

Flower Reverence, The Blessings of Essential Oils

Four Thieves, Historic Anti-Plague Remedy

Galangal, for deafness, heart problems, and infection

Lavender, bites, gangrene, disinfection, and aroma!

Pairs of Opposites, fire-water balance and metabolism

Propyl Alcohol, Toxins in Cosmetics, Cleaning Agents, and Medications

Soap 101: History of Shampoo and Soap

St. John's Wort, for depression and anxiety




Pairs of Opposites || Taste and the Elements

Propyl Alcohol || Soap Manufacturing



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