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Vegetarian Capsules

In this day of Mad Cow Disease and its human variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, eating an animal product is something like playing roulette.

I have been using vegetarian capsules for many years because of my concerns with gelatin products, often made from by-products of the meat packing and hide tanning industries: pigskin and other hides and/or bone and connective tissues. Vegetarian capsules are made from cellulose which is also better in terms of its bioavailability. The risk of disease is less and because of this, no preservatives are necessary. In contrast, bacterial and fungal growth are real possibilities with gelatin capsules,

There are now many sources for vegicaps, some kosher and some evidently not. More importantly, they are preferable to gelcaps. However, they are not as consistent. Opacity varies and they are not available in all the fancy colors used by the pharmaceutical industry.

It is easier to use them if you have a little capping device. For years, I used Cap-M-Quik, a simple little tray that holds 50 capsules upright while you fill the capsules. A tamper for this is now available that enables you to put about three times more powder in the capsules than without something to pack down the powder. Recently, I started using the Capsule Machine and at the moment, I prefer it even though it only holds 24 capsules.



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