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The main symptom of gallbladder trouble is extreme distress after eating fatty foods. Junk food French fries are the acid test. If after eating fast food fries, one feels like stopping by ER on the way home, there is almost certainly gall bladder trouble. Natural healers have used the simple olive oil and lemon juice flush to relieve symptoms of gallbladder distress. Others fast on apples or eat a lot of radishes.

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If the bouts of gastric distress are frequent but not 100% incapacitating, it is safe to start with a formula called Planetary Stone Free. One can take 12 tablets a day for 2-3 months to emulsify most of the fatty obstructions and stones. If the attack is acute, i.e., very, very painful, one can take 6 tablets every half hour and hope to avoid surgery.

gall stone remediesIf there is time to spare, one can do the Stone Free and then a three-day apple juice fast. Fall is a nice time of year for such a fast since there are lots of apples available. Drink as much as you want, lots and lots of fresh apple juice, 6-8 big glasses a day. If the juice seems too sweet, cut it with one part water to six parts juice.

At any time, one can do a "gall bladder flush." There are various protocols, and some call it a liver flush; but it's really a gall bladder flush. My strategy is to squeeze two lemons into 1.5-2 cups of extra virgin olive oil (I like the really green oils for this) and take two tablespoons of the "salad dressing" every 15 minutes from 7:30 PM on a Friday until the whole concoction is down.

Warning: if you take everything at once, you will almost surely barf and be very mad at me for telling you about this protocol.

Stay in bed as long as possible once finishing the lemon juice and oil. Expect to make many trips to the powder room all day Saturday and to expel gooey looking marbles, mostly green, but some people have orange and/or black ones as well. Depending on whether or not you did the Stone Free first, these could be the size of grains of sand to ping pong balls (and no, for reasons not understood at all, they do not get stuck despite whatever people think they know about bile ducts and so forth.) Most people pass marbles, pea size to larger (like lima beans.) Moreover, most people pass a lot of these, 30-200. Ergo, before the flush, the gall bladder has to have been stretched a lot. Some people have to stay home for two days because more and more keeps coming out.

Breaking the fast is also critical, especially if the flush was preceded by the fast. A baked potato with no butter—don't worry, the sight will make you gag—or spices is a good way to break the fast. Eat the potato slowly, very slowly.

Post Flush

For about a month after the fast, you will not like oils. The sight of them will probably make you queasy, but you can probably digest them even if your head denies this to your body. You may also feel ungrounded and not want to drive in traffic, not like crowded places, and not like fast foods! After a month, you will feel superb.

Energetically, gall bladder trouble can be understood as an aggravation caused by excess water and/or low fire. Water types are especially susceptible to gall stones. Once the gall bladder is removed, they tend to get fibroids or something else as they still need reservoirs for the stagnant water. However, anyone can have gall bladder trouble if stressed for a prolonged period. Whenever there is stress, the adrenals are overactive. Adrenaline inhibits gastric secretions so that digestion is impaired and metabolic residuals are formed that clog the system. Therefore, the ideal solution is to reduce stress and improve digestion.

Turmeric is a near perfect herb for emulsifying fats. Adding extra turmeric to the diet when under stress strengthens digestion, fat metabolism, and intestinal flora populations. It is also a great antioxidant. For those who don't want to take Stone Free, there is another product called Turmeric Flavonoid Complex that many find supportive, but if the symptoms of gall bladder persist, it is wise to do the whole protocol: ergo Stone Free for 2-3 months, apple juice fast for three days, and then the gall bladder flush with olive oil and lemon juice. Drinking boldo tea also supports gallbladder health. This tea made from the leaves of an evergreen native to Chile. Boldo has a wonderful aroma, in my opinion, much nicer than peppermint. Pipsissewa tea or tincture is also nice and tends to help with urinary flow and kidney stones as well as gall stones.

Note: when the tendency towards gall bladder distress is present, it makes sense to repeat this protocol every five years and to go through a round or two of Stone Free once or twice a year, just for safe measure.

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