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Cooking Oils

Fats and Oils

I want to thank all of you for your interest in my web work and for your support over the last year. It has been my intent for some years to start a program of weekly suggestions for health improvement that everyone (or almost everyone) can implement with a minimum of fuss.

So, I am starting off 2003 with the proposal that people who are seeking short cuts to good health start with oil. In the U.S., food is generally described as protein, fat, or carbohydrates (I said U.S. because while there is no real controversy over these groups, there are other ways of classifying foods.) Most people obtain about a third of their calories from fats, generally a combination of oils and fats, saturated, unsaturated. Contrary to what many believe, good quality oils actually stimulate the metabolism and lead to weight loss; but, as we all know, fats that are not metabolized are dangerous. They clog arteries and result in weight gain and a host of other problems.

Part of the controversy over fats and oils involves the same old issues as to whose bread is buttered. The big stir began when margarine producers tried to claim market share from more traditional industries. A lot of the research has been fraudulent or so severely misleading that it is best ignored; but here are some facts upon which most experts agree.

Processing of Oils

In the processing of a vegetable or seed oil, it is important that the machinery itself does not overheat and that the oil is not exposed to either light or air. Oil oxidizes very quickly and becomes unsuitable for consumption once the oxidation has resulted in rancidity. Try to think of which bottles of oil you have seen at the super market that say "cold pressed" and which are bottled in absolutely opaque containers. Dismal, isn't it? I have even been to health foods stores and clinics where the oil was displayed where sunlight hit directly on the bottles, usually clear glass . . . or cheap plastic.

The oil pundit, Udo Erasmus, studied all forms of packaging and found that only two plastics, both made in Denmark, were completely opaque and chemically stable, i.e., they not only blocked 100% of light but did not leech chemicals into the oil. To the best of my knowledge, only Omega Nutrition and Barlean's use this packaging for their oils. They also use the expensive German expressing equipment that does not overheat. Perhaps a few Spectrum Naturals products now use this kind of plastic.

You can make a 30% improvement in your diet by simply changing the quality of oil you use.

You can also protect the oil from rancidity by adding some turmeric powder to the oils that you intend to use in cooking (where the turmeric flavor would not detract from your culinary efforts.)

We have been selling Omega's line of oils for more than 12 years, but people rarely take the suggestion to change to a higher quality cooking oil seriously. It's a little confusing for me sometimes to be shipping out Stone Free but not oil. A word to the wise!

Omega Nutrition Oils



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