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Pumpkin Butter

2 pounds tahini
14 oz. pumpkin butter
7 oz. sesame oil (or pumpkin seed oil)
6 oz. powdered astragalus
honey to taste


Gently warm tahini and pumpkin butter in a double boiler at a very low temperature. When smooth enough to stir relatively easily, add astragalus powder and enough sesame oil to give a good consistency. Remove from heat and add unfiltered honey to taste. Be sure not to add water nor permit steam condensation to remain in the butter as this will promote the growth of mold.

Use this as a substitute for peanut butter. It tastes fabulous and is very healthy. For variety, add a bit of propolis.


Pumpkin seeds and sesame oil both have some anti-parasitic properties. Using astragalus in the nut butter adds an immune boosting quality to the spread without damaging the taste. The honey adds flavor and shelf life.

Sesame seeds are considered by some to be one of the three best foods on the Planet, the other two being millet and sunflower seeds. Tahini is made by grinding hulled sesame seeds and adding oil and water for consistency. It is a good source of protein, B vitamins, and phosphorus and is thus one of Nature's truly excellent nerve tonics. According to Ayurveda, individuals who are unstable, malnourished, or suffering from the ravages of age and degeneration—the vata type—benefit from oily, rich foods that nourish tissue. Tahini is often prescribed for person's with rheumatism, ringing in ears, constipation, and premature aging, including graying of hair and hair loss. It is hence tonifying, and this is the reason I used it as the base in the recipe I first created for people with immune deficiencies.

Pumpkin seeds are best known for their effect on the prostate. It is often used to increase virility and resolve the problems that cause swelling of the prostate. It is hence a male tonic food, but it is also an excellent vermifuge, being more effective with round and tape worms than giardia and amoebas. Pumpkin seeds are also a great source of zinc and vitamin A, but it is higher in protein, 29%, than almost any other nut or seed.

Astragalus is one of the finest immune boosting herbs and while not as tasteless as tofu, it does not overcome the way bitter herbs such as echinacea do. It supports white blood cells and tends to increase their number and efficiency. It is the herb of choice where the immune system has been damaged by chemicals or radiation and can be used by patients who are under treatment since it is extremely safe. In this recipe, astragalus also helps make the entire butter more digestible.

Honey is assimilated very quickly into the bloodstream and is thus my preferred carrier for herbs. While sweet, it is not a sucrose sweetener but rather a glucose-fructose sweetener that is more harmonious for the liver. Honey neutralizes toxicity and is a gentle pain reliever. Unlike refined sugar, it contains minerals and enzymes.

Propolis is another gift from bees with many virtues. Bees use it to seal their hives in order to maintain this space in a disease-free state. It is one the best bactericides in the world. Even when purified, it contains a small amount of beeswax. A little bit of propolis goes a long way.


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