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Organ Rejuvenation after Parasitic Infection

As anyone who has ever maintained an aquarium knows, ammonia is extremely toxic, yet it is one of the gases excreted by parasites living within human and animal hosts. It is also responsible for many of the bizarre physiological sensations often reported by infected individuals.

When the body produces a sufficient amount of bile, most parasites and their eggs in the gastrointestinal tract are destroyed before taking up residence in the unsuspecting individual. Between insufficient production of normal digestive secretions, poor diet, and parasitization, the body's internal balance is completely thrown off. The gastrointestinal tract becomes alkaline to neutralize the acidity of the food. This makes it more difficult to fight infection and complicates a host of issues.

Correcting for insufficiency of gastric secretions, paying close attention to the digestibility of food, and restoring proper intestinal flora are the first steps towards bringing harmony to the gastrointestinal tract.

Destroying parasites, assuring that the body's immune system is supported throughout this process, and rejuvenating the large intestine are the next steps and may take months or even years. Since the parasites may have caused anemia, blood building may also be necessary. Perforation of organs is another possible complication of infection. Rejuvenative herbs for the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and even the brain may also be advisable.

Over the months to come, I will be adding to this section. In the meantime, I want to say that Ayurvedic rasayanas and special tonics make very good sense following parasitic infections.



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