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Gall Bladder Flush, Part II

I hope you may be able to help me. I have been in considerable pain of varying degrees for over a week now. Although at first it appear to be back pain, I quickly became nauseous and had cramping stomach pains on the right side. I went to my doctor who suggested that it was probably gall stones. He has referred me to a surgeon and for an ultrasound scan, but because this is England, I won't get either for several weeks. In the mean time, the only thing he suggested was pain killers. After I left the surgery I came home and did some investigations of my own on the web and found out about the gall bladder cleanse. I tried it, preceded by 2 days of apple juice fast. The problem is that although things were starting to get a bit better, I now feel bad again. I still haven't eaten anything (that makes about 6 days without food now) and the original attack wasn't particularly brought on by eating anything. Could this be something other than gall stones? And if it is gall stones, is there something else I can do now to ease the pain?


This is a difficult question. Do I understand that you did swill down the olive oil and lemon juice? Then, nothing unusual was eliminated? And, you are now as bad or worse than before?

If you managed to get down enough of the olive oil and lemon juice and did not see any signs of stones (usually greenish and a bit sticky looking), then odds are you don't have stones.

Also, a gall bladder attack is characterized by mild to acute pain after eating, usually after eating fatty foods but sometimes eating indigestible foods (such as food that has been cooked in a microwave oven) or too much food. The pain subsides as the food works its way through the gastrointestinal tract. If the pain is constant, I would start searching for another explanation.

Best wishes,



Thanks for replying, Ingrid

I went back to a different doctor at my group surgery yesterday, and he was also convinced my problem was gall stones. When I questioned the length of time that I had been in pain, he said that perhaps a stone had been stuck in the bile duct and was slowly working its way out.

As for the oil and lemon juice flush, I did take all of what you recommend, and as far as I could see, the only thing that came out was oil and lemon juice!

I am now, ten days after the onset of pain, starting to feel a bit better. What's been of most help to me has been a very hot water bottle held on to my stomach or my back. I've started eating again, and the food I've had so far doesn't seem to have made a difference one way or another to the pain.

I wondered if, since I wasn't eating at all, my digestive system didn't really respond to the apple juice fast and the flush, and it all just went through me without affecting my gall bladder? Is it worth trying it again, when I'm not acutely in pain?

Thanks for your time




It's so difficult to know what is really going on. The risk, of course, is that the failure to pinpoint the problem at an appropriate time could be harmful. I would simply try to be more aware of your body than heretofore so you can connect the dots (without becoming obsessive!)

The apple juice needs to be real apples, not apple cider or filtered juice. The flush could very well have dislodged something that was stuck and unless you spent a lot of time examining what came out, you might have missed the proof.

Giving the body a rest is often a good idea. The question is, what will happen when you start eating normally again. Try to eat foods that are easy to digest: soups, fermented foods, curries, seitan, fruit, etc.

Keep us posted and good luck!


I have read about some people who advise taking Epsom Salts before and after the oil & Lemon flush. I think this is to flush out the system and keep the bile ducts open during the process.

Do you think there is any advantage in taking the Epsom salts?



Not sure about this. A lot of people use ortho-phosphoric acid. If you do use Epsom salts, let us know how it goes for you.


Hi Ingrid

Just to update you on my story, I have now had an ultrasound scan which found multiple gall stones. I have an appointment to see a surgeon in February, but I'd really be keen to avoid surgery if I can. It occured to me that perhaps the previous flush - done while I was actually in pain - might have only managed to dislodge a stone trapped somewhere and so it might be worth trying it again, now that I'm no longer in acute pain. Also, can Stone Free be purchased anywhere in England?

Thanks for your time



I purchased from you six bottles of Stone Free.

Should I follow the instructions on the bottle (2 tablets 3x daily between meals) or less? or take more?

Will it hurt me to do this every day until all the bottles are finished?

Or should I take it for a month, do a gall bladder flush and repeat the process?

Thanks for ANY help!



Forget the question, Ingrid, you basically answered that question I had when answering Brad above.




I was just had an ultrasound done to check for gall stones and the tech confirmed I hav them but no disease. I would like to try the stone free but I am breastfeeding my 3-month-old baby. Is it safe to use while breastfeeding?

Thank you,




No herbalist will ever say that a formula is safe during pregnancy or nursing, but the primary ingredients in Stone Free are very ordinary spices: ginger and turmeric. Frankly, I think this is one of the safest formulas on earth, but just as certain diets would tend to throw off constitutional balance, so would certain herbs. The herbs in Stone Free are mainly hot (pungent) and bitter so the odds would favor a slight reduction in the production of milk and a modest lowering of libido, but I really doubt this would be in an easily detectable range.

Though I do not want to trivialize the question or the answer, I would suggest that if you ate very hot curry for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you would have more or less a comparable effect on milk production, but no one is going to tell you not to eat curry.

Does this answer help or make it more confusing?


When I was a young child my parents often used a doctor`s visit as a way to threaten me into submission of this or that and as long as I can remember I have been terrified of doctors. SOooo,I go to the doctor only when I have no other option; when I am a the end of my rope and this is where I find myself today.

I believe I have gall stones from the research I have been doing.

Here are my symptoms:

I have a unusual "grabbing" pain in my stomach and under my rib cage on the right side. My stomach tighens and then won`t release for a while and often begins to naw. This scares me!
Something feels like it is moving from time to time and that scares me to.

The pain gets curiously worse when I am sitting up straight,worse when I lean forward, and better when I lay down and put a pillow behind my back. It does not seem to setin necessarily after I eat something but is just there. I really have to baby this situation I find myself in in order to get through the day.

Yesterday morning on the way to church, my stomach was nawing away...I had no breakfast and it was well after noon before I ate anything. My stomach began to calm after I ate and assumed a relaxed position. I had a roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese and mayo and a slice af apple pie. I finished eating and went to change my clothes. As I sat on the bed, the now familiar pain began. Spasams galore! I rarely have nausea with this, I am happy to say, but I get very anxious and began to sometimes begin to panic which just adds to my problem.

Another curious thing:

I have no pain while sleeping but as soon as I get up in the morning and still in my ladder back chair to type, the dull ache under my right rib starts in to some degree. Today it is light. The stomach grabbing is not constant but more like episodic than the dull ache where I believe my fall bladder is. So I can`t say that I only have this pain after eating.

Yesterday my friend told me that she had the same sensation when she had gall stones and I really think this is what I have.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to see the doctor. I keep trying to put it out of my mind but I feel like a trapped animal at present.

I am severely obese and this adds to my fear about gall stones and the surgery thing. I would be a high risk patient, I believe.

Does i sound to you as though I have gall stones?

Do you know if there is any medication that a doctor can prescribe instead of surgery?

I trust in the LORD in all things but I don`t mind telling you that I am also frightened.

I would be willing to suffer through the pain and take a longer course to avoid surgery. I believe I am at high risk because of my weight and because I have a tendency to get bronchitis.

Any help would be a blessing to me.

GOD bless you.
Could you suggest a diet which would not trigger gall stone attacks?




By now you will have seen your doctor and have a professional opinion.

However, it is clear from what you written that you have a metabolic problem. You are definitely not burning up the food you ingest so dietary changes would probably support a higher level of health. This said, your symptoms are not perfectly consistent with gallbladder disease, but perhaps this is what the doctor already told you.

As a short-term measure, you could certainly eat more radishes and use organic, non-irradiated spices in your cooking. Then, there are apples!


I have just been diagnosed as having gallstones- after 13 years of mis-diagnosis!! I have seen the little critters and the gallbladder wall lining is very thick. I am in severe pain three to four times a month. Is it too late to try the olive oil thing? I am due back at the hospital in a week to discuss operations.

Also, is the Stone Free stuff available in the UK?

Thank you for a really informative site.


It's not too late to do the flush, but it's easier if you do the Stone Free first. We are able to ship to the U.K., but there might be something comparable there. The ingredients are not unusual, but this product has been very safe and effective for lots of people.

Good luck!



I am 3 months pregnant and just been told I had gall stones after a baby scan. Now I can also see I have the typical symptoms too. Weird thing is in teh last week to two I've become a major fan of apple juice (which I'd earlier put down to pregancy cravings)and right off fatty foods. I ate some fries the other day and now I know to stay well clear of them. Obviously during pregnancy I need to be careful but will introduce radishes to my salads and continue with the apple juice. Any other ideas??

Ravensdale, in New Zealand


You can use mild curries, not too spicy since this inhibits growth. You can use lemons and other tangy fruits, just not too much. You would be taking these as carminative adjustments to your diet, foods that aid digestion and assimilation without being too radical. Be sure not to use the microwave oven for anything. Use only very good quality oils and mostly raw, i.e., not fried. Good oils are hard to come by, but look for oils made from organically grown seeds and nuts, oils that are cold processed and unfiltered, and oils that are packaged in completely opaque bottles so that no light passes through.

Lastly, try to cook only as much food as you can eat in one meal . . . so as to avoid refrigeration and reheating of food. Food is harder to digest when reheated and the oils are vastly inferior when subjected to heat twice.

Good luck and let us know when the baby arrives!


Hi Ingrid.

I attempted to do the flush last night, but after drinking about a half a cup of the olive oil/lemon juice I couldn't get any more down. I am drinking nothing but apple juice today and want to try again tonight. Any suggestions on how to get the olive oil down?



I was out of town for a couple of days, celebrating the solstice with friends so perhaps you have already tried again?

Basically, you need to take it slowly. I really find that a few teaspoons every 15-20 minutes is the only way it works for me. Some people use more lemons. There are variations of the recipe, but keep trying is the answer.

How brave to undertake this during holidays!


Hi Ingrid,

I have been reading so much about the gall bladder flush on the internet, that I think to be safe maybe I just need to have the surgery! My doctor has referred me to a surgeon already, not that I really want to have surgery, if it can be avoided! I talked to a Naturopath that would have me completely eliminate grains and dairy from my diet. I have to be realistic - I've already lost too much weight from gall bladder disease - I can't afford to eliminate the only source of calories in my diet, and there aren't enough calories in vegetables to give me the energy I need. I will not do a 'spring water enema' and I don't have a nutritionist to advise me on the flush. Should I do it without professional guidance, as most sites advise, or can I just eat apples for 3 days and then do this thing olive oil/lemon juice thing? I'm sick of being sick, and don't have the energy to go on a 3 month diet of kale and seaweed.

Please advise - your approach seems most realistic for me.


If you can put off the surgery for a couple of months, you can try the Stone Free. It's really simple. You don't have to change your diet or do the flush. You can also try the radishes and apples and skip the flush . . . or you can do some combination of all of this. Remember, right in the middle of an attack, I took six Stone Free and in minutes was better. I know some people who take Stone Free practically every day because their tendency to form stones is so great.


I recently lost 25 pounds and now I am experiencing "something" in my upper right side under my rib cage. I felt pretty bad a few weeks ago every time I ate a fatty meal. Since then I have changed my diet and now the symptoms have certainly lessened. I wouldn't describe what I'm feeling as an attack. It feels like a "knot" in my side, with a feeling of pressure...not pain. Been reading a lot on the internet and I was wondering if I have gall stones?


Gallstones are a very common consequence of dieting, but it's hard to say what you might be experiencing. If the feeling is 100% responsive to diet, it might be possible to draw some conclusions, but flushing the gallbladder can be considered routine maintenance for many people. Some need to do it as often as every three months, others every 5-10 years. It's quite variable.

Good luck and happy new year!



I have all the symptoms of stones/disease but after three tests (the last one injecting radioactive stuff into me!) the doctor said, well, he couldn't see any gallstones - so gave me an antacid.

I'm not satisfied with that...nor am I willing to give up broccoli, cabbage, celery, occasional fatty foods, all of which have made me very ill since this began. I am planning to try the gallbladder flush this weekend.

Question: does the Stone Cleanse work as a preventative (I'm thinking AFTER I get the flush done initially?

Thanks! Mary Beth


One other thought from me...I am interested in the ayurveda information you present.

I have ALWAYS craved acidic foods, and like to use lots of vinegar, mustard, pickles, and other such things as condiments. So much so that people think I am very weird! I wonder if this personal preference may be related to the "low digestive fire" you mention. What do you think? If that were the case, would you recommend that I continue eating like that - or INCREASE my intakes of acidic foods - or decrease?

thanks! Mary Beth


A couple of nights ago I had this EXTREME pain under my rib cage. It felt like someone was grabbing my diapragm because I could barely breath or talk. I would get real hot! Nothing was comforting. It would come and go all day until eventually I would vomit and then after a little while longer it would subside. I have had this maybe about 5 times or so and it all started about 3.5 years ago approximately 15 days after my daughter was born. It hurt so bad, it's comparable to labor!!


First, Mary Beth,

There is no general rule. People with "low digestive fire" need the spices and acidic foods whereas those who have enough or more than enough would probably have diarrhea if they ate the same foods.

Doing the flush will not hurt. It will wipe the slate clean so that hopefully it would take many years to recreate the problem you suspect you have but the doctors cannot confirm. However, your reference to cruciferous vegetables suggests that you are not metabolizing these notorious "vata deranging" foods adequately. You probably need to eat these vegetables as a curry or with lots of ginger to make them more digestible.

To deal with the exposure to radiation, seaweed, trace minerals, garlic, and Siberian ginseng might be useful.

Best wishes



I really have no idea what is wrong. You might have some compression, dislocated rib, but you might have liver or gallbladder problems? Have you thought of asking a doctor?


Well, I am kind of behind on this thing called gall bladder disease. I had been having excruciating pain about once a month. It was normally hours after I ate. Only once was it within 3 hours of me eating. This went on for about 5 months. I had seen 3 doctors and no one knew what was wrong with me. In early December, the pain came again (about 6 hours after eating Chinese food (non-buffet). The pain lasted about 6 hours. The next day, the pain came back around noon. I had not eaten anything that morning. I went to my doctor again - who treated my with heartburn. That weekend, not only was I in pain all weekend, but I continually threw up and could keep nothing down. Fortunately, I had a prescription pain killer that was able to help get through the pain. I had been in contact with the doctor and returned to visit him on Tuesday morning. He sent me to have a ultrasound, which the technician said that my gallbladder was full of stones and sludge. My doctor's office called the place where I was having my ultrasound and asked me to return immediately - the urinalysis showed bile in my urine. I returned to the doctors office, he informed me that I had jaundice, my system was full of the bile that the liver produces because I had a blockage in one of the ducts. He sent me straight to a surgeon, who immediately admitted me to the hospital and they did emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder.

So now I do not have my gallbladder. After that surgery, they had to do another surgery 2 days later removing the blockage from my duct to my stomach. The level of bile in blood kept increasing, so the doctors knew that I had a blockage somewhere else. So they went through my mouth and enlarged that duct to allow the stones to pass through.

According to my surgeons, my gallbladder was very long and had too many stones to count. The blockage in my duct was the same, too many to count.

I was told that this is hereditary and also affects people with American Indian heritage. Which, yes, I am 1/8th American Indian and my dad had gall stones, which his gall bladder was removed.

I was also told that if you have gall stones and not in any pain, that you should still do something about it, because if those stones stay in there a long time, they turn cancerous. My aunt died of cancer, which started out as gall bladder cancer.

I am about 15 pounds heavier than my ideal weight. I have a lot of cellulite. Even when I was very active and exercised for a couple of hours 4 times a week, I still had cellulite.

Now that I don't have a gall bladder, I am not routine in bowl movements. I find that I will go about 3 days with no movements, then on the 4th day, it will be very liquid and often.

Help! I have read your whole site on gall bladder stuff, read every posting on the bulletin board. Any insight would be helpful. How do I know if I have a slow metabolism? From what I have read on your site, I do. What about the water storage problem comment. Is that why I continually have cellulite? I am always frustrated to see people more overweight than me with no cellulite?

What about diet considerations?


The liver flush is a very simple procedure that will clean your liver of gall stones, if you have any. I don't know about all those Hindu terms about cold and hot and wet and damp, doesn't make any difference to me. The procedure I followed was not the one on this site, but it produced a lot of stones, 250 stones this last time, over one hundred the first time. I drank concoctions of epson salts with water, also I drank 8 ounces of olive oil with 8 ounces of grapefruit juice. I drank the oil at once and did not have any aversion to oils after a couple of days. The stones seem to be liver's defence against parasites, viruses and bacteria, it builds a stone around them to isolate them from the body. I feel great, more energetic and peaceful after each cleanse. The liver is the seat of anger, cleanses will help you deal with emotional anger.


This is more addressed to Brenda's issues since the message immediately above does not really require a response.

Years ago when surgery was less common, it was not realized that the gallbladder may "grow back" years after surgery. Now due to the frequency of surgery, it has been learned that many people develop a replacement organ that performs the function of the gallbladder, not perhaps something that can be called a gallbladder but something quite similar.

In the meantime, you are definitely experiencing digestive as well as eliminatory distress. To make things easier on yourself, you may have to make some dietary changes or take supplements to increase the production of hydrochloric acid and enzymes.

At minimum, you should avoid using the microwave, avoid food that is preserved (canned, frozen, or packaged in such a way as to give it longer shelf life.) You could also increase your intake of fruits and reduce sugars and saturated fats.

You could also be very selective in your choice of oils, avoiding all the normal supermarket oils and using only cold pressed oils made from organically grown seeds and grains. Sesame might be the best.

Since the gallbladder was removed, there was an opportunity to examine its contents for the presence of anything out of the ordinary. This information might be available from the pathologist.

Then, given you evident concern based on your own and your family's history, you might really examine your family's dietary and life style patterns to see if there are some aggravating factors, i.e., beyond the genetic ones, that would predispose you to cancer. You could also do an anti-cancer protocol once or twice a year to reduce your predisposition. You could read what is posted on:


Let me know if this gets you off to a start.

Best wishes


Ingrid, many thanks for your efforts to get the message out. It's people like you that are truly making a difference in the world today!

I just did the gall bladder flush with remarkable results. But first, some background...

Two and a half years ago, I noticed a slight discomfort below the right rib cage. At 44, I was a new father at the time and attributed it to stress. A fear-mongering internist put it into my mind that I might have liver problems based upon a high cholesterol reading. I would not allow an ultrasound because at the time I was being pressured by family members to get medicalized. (Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and doctors lead to surgery and drugs) Since I do normally have a nightcap (or two!) before retiring, I considered this a possibility. Bottom line is, I have since discovered that the internist was unethical (mail campaigns to collect additional co-pay, an illegal practice) and was obviously exploiting a new parent (me) under stress. Needless to say, I take milk thistle and other liver tonics daily. There is no indication whatsoever of liver disease; my eyes are white, and my fingernails all have strong half-moons. Digestive system works reasonably well. The chiropractor says it's okay.

The discomfort has persisted, though it comes and goes, and is dormant when I am horizontal. Sometimes it is a sharp pain, at other times a dull ache. Frankly it was not until I visited your web site that it occured to me that I might have gall stones. It seemed to match what I was experiencing.

I am fairly bold whenever I discover something new. I went out right away and bought some olive oil and lemon juice from Whole Foods Supermarket. Over the course of a 24 hour period, I consumed nearly a small jar of olive oil and the lemon juice. I did not fast, but went about my regular activities (family life with both parents working can be rough). This morning I noticed the greenish stones coming out, some as large as marbles, some small as peas. I must say this is one of the most remarkable events ever experienced! Why is it that medical science always wants to remove organs rather than save them? This is a proof of concept IMO.

I have noticed a marked difference, and a reduction of discomfort. However, I must admit there is still some discomfort. My thinking is that I shouldn't expect things to normalize overnight, that the gall bladder must have stretched itself out quite a bit. Does it just go back to its normal size? The other part of me says that the flush was partial, because I was eating throughout the whole process.

When should I be expecting things to completely normalize? Should I do another flush, this time more seriously? I have no doubt that stones came out...I was not afraid of the flush, because when I saw the photos on your web site, my first reaction is that I want those stones out now, as fast as possible. As you can tell, I'm not always the most patient person.

Thanks again for your site...I am planning on ordering some Stone Free...


Stone Free can help prevent the recurrence of what is called gallbladder disease by those who mistrust. They learn that the disease is not curable and they remove the gallbladder because this is what they have been taught is the right procedure.

As the patient, you need to realize that you have a tendency to form stones. By middle age, you could have a lot of them, but children often have them. Consider it sort of like you would diabetes. Some people are diabetic in childhood and some develop it later on. Some have somewhat elevated blood sugar, some have seriously elevated blood sugar. If neglected, complications will set in sooner or later.

It's the same with gallstones. Now you know you form them. You can be more careful about your diet; but you can also supplement your diet with more apples and radishes, and you can take Stone Free during stressful times and flush every now and then. I know people who flush twice a year and some who wait 5-10 years.

Best wishes and thanks for the pat on my back. It sometimes feels lonely in the wilderness.


Thanks for the post, Ingrid. Yeah, I know all about the wilderness. Here I am into alternative health care and new age stuff living in Dallas, the buckle of the bible-belt. Whoa, it does get lonely.

I will be 47 in March but already beginning to find out all kinds of things about growing old (yuk!) Last year I discovered I had scoliosis; luckily the chiropractor helped me get some movement back in the neck. The nervous system effects all the organs, you know.

So...I guess I'll have to take better care of my gall bladder as well as my spinal column and deteriorated vertebrae. I feel better, but I now realize I'm not out of the woods yet...thanx


If the scoliosis didn't show up until just recently, there is every reason to suspect something else, such as parasites and irregular use of calcium . . . Have you given this thought?


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